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Rose floral water from rose Damascena

Natural Floral Waters - Rose floral water from rose Damascena

Rose water is made using damask roses, many-petaled and fragrant. These were first grown in Iran and Bulgaria, but are now frequently found in Spain, Italy, and France. The uses of rose water are as varied and numerous as the petals of a damask rose. Most western countries are familiar with rose water or rose oil as an addition to fragrances and in body and facial creams. Commercial preparations come in many forms and can safeguard against bacterial formation. In addition, the buyer can choose organic preparations, thus eliminating pesticides from the roses in their food or on their bodies. However used, rose water is certainly almost universally enjoyed, with its sweet and deep aroma, and delightful and unusual taste.




Since more than 300 years in the farms of the Rose Valley each one rose blossom is collected by hand, early in the morning, before dawn, when the rose blossoms are still dewy. We understand well the growing public appreciation of products made from natural ingredients and manufactured with processes sensitive to the natural environment.




The Bulgarian rose water is 100% natural product. The Bulgarian Rose Water is not a by-product obtained by dispersing of previously distilled essential oil in water or obtained as a secondary material from essential oil distillation.




The rose water is obtained by water-steam distillation of fresh rose blossoms during the crop season of Rosa Damascena – end of May, beginning of June. The distillation process is strictly and technically prescribed by the Bulgarian State Standard.




The rose water is a natural obtained distillation mixture of water and essential rose oil.Content of ethanol - ~4-6%Content of essential oil - ~0.1% or less /which consists of phenyl-ethyl alcohol, geraniol, nerol and others / Does not contain artificial coloring and fragrance.  Storage: in a dry and cool place. Expiration term: 12 months.


The fresh natural aroma of the rose water is a result of unique combination of natural ingredients.1 kilogram of rose water contains not more than 0.1% rose essential oil, which is a mixture of phenyl-ethyl alcohol, geraniol, nerol, cytronellol and others.


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