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Alba groups Ltd is a supplier of dried lavender flowers. (in bulk)

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Lavender has been a favorite herb for centuries. The historic use and recognition of lavender is almost as old the history of man. As an herb, lavender has been in documented use for over 2,500 years.


In ancient times lavender was used for mummification and perfume by the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and peoples of Arabia. The Greeks and the Romans bathed in lavender scented water and it was from the Latin word lavo meaning to wash that the herb took its name. Perhaps first domesticated by the Arabians, lavender spread across Europe from Greece. Around 600 BC lavender may have come from the Greek Hyeres Islands into France and is now common in France, Spain, Italy and England.

We let the lavender dry for about a week until there is no moisture remaining on the stems in the center of the bundle. You can use it for dried floral bouquets or for making sachets or other crafts, wedding favors, culinary use, or whatever your heart desires. After about one year of being exposed to sunlight, the color of lavender, like most dried flowers, will diminish. Lavender is an incredibly versatile herb for cooking. In todays upscale restaurants, fresh edible flowers are making a comeback as enhancements to both the flavor and appearance of food.

The lavender flowers add a beautiful color to salads. Lavender can also be substituted for rosemary in many bread recipes. The flowers can be put in sugar and sealed tightly for a couple of weeks then the sugar can be substituted for ordinary sugar for a cake, buns or custards. Grind the lavender in a herb or coffee grinder or mash it with mortar and pestle.


The spikes and leaves of lavender can be used in most dishes in place of rosemary in most recipes. Use the spikes or stems for making fruit or shrimp kabobs. Just place your favorite fruit on the stems and grill.


Flowers look beautiful and taste good too in a glass of champagne, with chocolate cake, or as a garnish for sorbets or ice creams. Lavender lends itself to savory dishes also, from hearty stews to wine-reduced sauces. Diminutive blooms add a mysterious scent to custards, flans or sorbets. Dried lavender blossoms are used in perfumes.


Lavender flowers can also be blended into teas for a calming, soothing blend. Many people also appreciate lavender for its aromatic fragrance, and use it in cosmetics, perfumes, salves, soaps, shampoos, and sachets for scenting clothes.

Alba Grups Ltd offers dried lavender in bulk in super, select and extra grades.

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