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Hyssop Essential Oil

Hyssop Essential Oil

Hyssop oil is used in aromatherapy to treat many problems with regards to the respiratory and digestive systems. It is used to  relief arthritic pain, sores, bruises, toothaches, ear pain and etc. It also regulates the blood pressure and it can be used as a calming substance for anxiety and hysteria.

Health benefits of Hyssop essential oil:

Astringent effect: Hyssop essential oil has an astringent function. This can help to prevent muscles and skin from sagging down due to age, loosening or loss of teeth, wrinkles, and hemorrhaging by contracting the blood vessels.
Aids in digestion : Hyssop oil facilitates digestion. It stimulates the secretion of gastric juices like acids, enzymes, and bile into the stomach, which speeds up the decomposition of complex proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients.
Good antiseptic agent: Hyssop oil, applied on wounds, might help us avoid both of the above situations. Since it is an antiseptic substance, it prevents infections from developing in the wounds.
Helps regulate menstrual cycle:  Hyssop essential oil helps women with irregular, obstructed, painful, or exhausting menstruation. This oil helps to relief symptoms related with menses like nausea, headache, pain in lower abdomen, fatigue, loss of appetite, and mood swings.
Provides relief from spasms of respiratory system: Hyssop essential oil gives relief in spasms of the respiratory system and it cures spasmodic coughs. Hyssop essential oil cures spasms of the nervous system, cure convulsions and related problems.
Helps fade scars: Hyssop essential oil heals scar marks if Hyssop oil is applied on wounds.
Increases frequency of urination: Hyssop essential oil can make detoxification of your body quicker. It increases the frequency of urination and the urine quantity.
Reduces risk of nervous disorders: Hyssop essential oil is good for the entire nervous system. It keeps the nervous system healthy and in good condition. This helps us to avoid disorders. It can help to relief and cure vertigo, nervousness, and convulsions.
Stimulates immune system &  circulatory system: Hyssop oil is a powerful immune stimulator. It stimulates the nervous, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, nerural, and  excretory systems as well. Hyssop oil activates the immune system and protects our bodies from infections and deseases.
Expectorant: Hyssop essential oil is an expectorant. It is a good remedy to loosen phlegm that has been deposited in the respiratory tracts. Hyssop essential oil is used as an expectorant in cough associated with cold.
Carminative functions: Hyssop oil has carminative properties and helps to clear gases from the intestines and relieves you of problems like uneasiness, heaviness, indigestion, stomach aches, vomiting, loss of appetite, and even heart problems.
Febrifuge: Hyssop essential oil helps to reduce the fever if its due to an accumulation of toxins inside the body or infections. Hyssop oil is often used to lower body temperature and fever.
Hypertensive: Hyssop essential oil is good for people who suffer from hypotension or low blood pressure.

Good for the nervous system: Hyssop essential oil is like a tonic for the nervous system. This makes the nervous system healthy and in good working order.  Hyssop essential oil is very effective in cases of vertigo, nervousness, and convulsions as well. Hyssop essential oil stimulates the entire nervous system.
Stimulant: Hyssop essential oil stimulates all the systems inside the human body. It stimulates the nervous, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, nerural, and  excretory systems. Hyssop essential oil stimulates and activates the immune system and protects your body from infections and diseases as well.
Sudorific: Hyssop essential oil  has a sudorific functions and helps if someone is suffering from limited perspiration, obstructed perspiration, or no perspiration at all. As it is a sudorific, it helps bring about a lot of perspiration and frees your body of toxins, water and extra salts.