Aromatic waters

Chamomile essential water
CHAMOMILE NATURAL WATER We at ALBA GRUPS LTD are proud to supply a fine selection of Bulgarian distilled floral waters. These wonderful waters are produced naturally during the steam distillation of the essential oil. They are 100% pure with no additives or preservatives and contain many of the properties found in the pure essential oil. The Chamomile water is steam distilled from fresh blossoms of Bulgarian chamomilla during the months of May and June of each year. It is a completely natural product for skin and hair application. 100% Pure and Natural Product.... More

Frankincense Essential Water
Frankincense Essential  Water   Beneficial Properties   Frankincense promotes regeneration of healthy cells and also keeps the existing cells and tissues healthy. Frankincense is often used as an anti-aging and wrinkle reducer. It can help you to eliminate sun spots, remove micro-wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks, and generally tone and tighten skin all over your body.   Frankincense can promote deep breathing and relaxation, which can open your breathing passages and reduce blood pressure, moving your mental state back to calmness. Our... More

Juniper berry essential water
Juniper bushes can be found in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Hungary, also in Western Europe France and Spain and ina North Amerika - Canada. This evergreen shrub grows up to 6 metres tall. It has dark green or blue needles and small flowers and berries. The berries change colour over the first few years of growth. They start off green, but after a year or two, they turn black. Juniper is used to flavour food and drink and is the characteristic aroma in gin. Juniper berry oil (Juniperus communis) has been known since ancient times as a very strong antiseptic and... More

Lavender essential water
We produce pure and organic  Lavender Water. The lavender water is produced via steam-distillation of fresh lavender blossoms, picked in our lavender fields located in The Rose Valley. We do not use  any preservatives, additives, or synthetic ingredients. Our natural Lavender water has a therapeutic effect due to  its natural origin. USED IN COSMETICS: The natural lavender water is excellent skin toner, prevents skin dryness and gives fresh look of the face. Nourishes the hair and makes it soft and shiny. Lavender water may be used an after bath  or... More

Melissa officinalis water
Melissa officinalis water Alba Grups Ltd offers natural Melissa officinalis water. Melissa officinalis is a mild sedative and can help you relax. It can be used alone, or in combination with other less flavorful herbs for inducing sleep such as valerian and chamomile. In addition to promoting sleep, the Melissa officinalis water has been found to be helpful in treating stress, cramping associated with menstruation, mild depression and nervous headaches. To treat these conditions, drink 2-3 cups of Melissa officinalis tea each day. Melissa officinalis has been used... More

Mentha essential water
The Mentha water is steam distilled from fresh blossoms Bulgarian Mentha piperita of during the months of May and June of each year. It is a completely natural product for skin and hair application. Transparent liquid, colorless; specific aroma; Essential oil content ≤0.03%; Ethyl alcohol content 3.44%; Relative density 20ºC 0.9827; pH 5.25; microbiological purity - corresponds to standard. Recommended use: for compresses in irritated and puffy skin; as a lotion for improving general condition of the upper skin levels. The Peppermint water is steam distilled from... More

Pine essential water
Natural Pine water is obtained by the steam distillation of the needles, twigs and cones of Pine tree. Here are some of the medicinal uses of the pine plant and pine water:       Skin Care: The most widely known use of pine essential water is in treating skin problems. Dermatologists often prescribe the water in treating the following conditions: psoriasis, itching, eczema, scabies, sores, and fleas;       Cosmetics: Pine essential water has a distinctive essence and gives a sweet aroma to the cosmetics it is used in.... More

Rose essential water from rose Alba
Rose essential water from rose Alba Rose water is made using Alba rose, many-petaled and fragrant. Alba essential water comes in many forms and can safeguard against bacterial formation. Rose water made by rose Alba has unique deep aroma, and delightful and unusual taste.   BULGARIAN ESSENTIAL WATER – ROSE ALBA   We at Alba Grups Ltd understand well the growing public appreciation of products made from rose Alba. We use only natural ingredients and manufacture this essential water with natural and highest quality products. NATURAL ROSE ALBA WATER   The... More

Rose essential water from rose Damascena
Rose water is made using damask roses, many-petaled and fragrant. These were first grown in Iran and Bulgaria, but are now frequently found in Spain, Italy, and France. The uses of rose water are as varied and numerous as the petals of a damask rose. Most western countries are familiar with rose water or rose oil as an addition to fragrances and in body and facial creams. Commercial preparations come in many forms and can safeguard against bacterial formation. In addition, the buyer can choose organic preparations, thus eliminating pesticides from the roses in their food or on their... More